Do You Have The Ability To Test At Home For Erectile Dysfunction?

Do You Have The Ability To Test At Home For Erectile Dysfunction?

Published on: 15/05/2023
Last updated on: 31/01/2024
Written By james Martin

Most men these days complain about having Erectile Dysfunction issues. Impotence affects men of all ages in the present times. More than a million men suffer from erectile dysfunction in recent years. Ignoring the sexual health problem for a long time can hamper your health. Most relationships suffer due to impotence problems.

If the symptoms of impotence occur rarely, you do not have to worry about it. In case the signs of ED occur for many weeks, get the test for erectile dysfunction. You can get the test done from a doctor or you can opt for a self-test. Most people decide on self-testing.

If you go to see a doctor to get the test done, various tests are included. Blood tests, urine tests, and other tests can detect erectile dysfunction. In the current times, numerous men opt for a self-evaluation test. It is a test which you can do at home. Getting ED tested at home can help you know whether you have ED or not.

Self-test can help analyze and decide the current state of ED in your body. Moreover, you will know the current state of ED with a self-test. Treat erectile dysfunction with better methods with self-test. Enhance the chances of resolving ED with the self-test. Apart from self-testing, you can think of having Fildena 100 to resolve impotence.

Brief About Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual health condition that does not allow men to get or keep erections. After stimulation and during sexual intimacy, men fail to get or maintain a stiff penis. Couples who are in a relationship and married couples cannot indulge in lovemaking due to ED. Even newly wedded couples find it difficult to indulge in pleasurable sex.

For successful sexual intimacy, it is necessary to get a proper erection. Not a single couple can attain successful intimacy without hard penile stiffness. It is possible that men can have various sexual disorders.

Having an erection issue can be the culprit of a sexual health issue. When there is no proper blood supply in the penile area, it restricts penile erection. Owing to a lack of blood circulation in the sex organ, a man cannot get an erection. If the erection problem occurs once in a while, you do not need treatment. If the erectile dysfunction symptoms occur most times, go to see a doctor. Your medical provider may prescribe you a Cenforce Pill

Many men hesitate to go to a clinic for ED testing. Without going to a clinic, you can get the test at home to identify erectile dysfunction. You can do the test for erectile dysfunction at home. Self-testing can help you get proper knowledge about the sexual health issue. There are various ways through which you come to know whether you suffer from impotence. If the test makes you confirm about ED, you can think of taking Cenforce 150

Self-Tests For Erectile Dysfunction

Can men do a self-test for erectile dysfunction at home? If yes, how can you do the self-tests to recognize ED? Some simple self-tests are mentioned below.

Physical Ailments:

There are numerous reasons which lead to erectile dysfunction. It is noticed that ED occurs due to physical reasons. If you have cardiovascular disease or if you are obese, the chances of ED are high. Heart Disease or obesity impacts the ability of your body to supply blood in the penile tissues.

Certain physical causes of impotence are thyroid conditions or high blood pressure can affect the blood flow in the penile vessels. If you suspect having such health issues, you can be certain of experiencing erectile dysfunction.

Other physical causes such as high cholesterol or stroke can affect your penile blood flow. In case you have any physical ailments, the risk of erectile dysfunction is high. Physical health issues can identify your erectile dysfunction. Unless you keep your physical ailments in check, you cannot resolve impotence. Taking Cenforce 200 can be of great help in treating erectile dysfunction.

Mental Health Issues:

Many men suffer from depression or anxiety which are potent causes of erectile dysfunction. If you are under depression for many days, it can lead to impotence problems. Depressed patients experience erectile dysfunction. Mental health problems stop the blood from flowing properly in the penis.

Another mental health issue is anxiety which affects erectile dysfunction. Men who have long-term anxiety issues are more prone to ED. Anxiety may lead to panic attacks. Recurrent anxiety bouts can make men suffer from impotence. If you are an anxious patient, the risk of ED can be high.

Fear Of Sexual Performance:

Men who are afraid of sexual performance can have fear in their minds. Not performing sexually well leads to erection issues. Constant fear in the mind of not being able to perform sexually well leads to ED. If you have such fear in your mind, the chances of ED are high in you.


Overstressing may lead to erectile dysfunction. Men who stress a lot invite impotence issues unknowingly. Stress poses a negative impact on a person’s sexual and physical health. Stress in your mind affects the blood flow in the genital organ. Men who have any mental health issues can detect erectile dysfunction. Having Vidalista 20 can fix erectile dysfunction.

The Nocturnal Penile Tumescence Test:

Try out the nocturnal penile tumescence test which is the oldest ED test. Some men still use this test at home to detect Erectile Dysfunction. The NPT test monitors the ability of a man to get a hard penis while they sleep. Men who are physically and psychologically healthy will get erections during sleep.

This process is known as nocturnal penile tumescence. The NPT test will show that a man does not get an erection at the time of sleep. This test may indicate that the symptoms of ED are linked to a physical health issue. You need a strip of four postage stamps. Along with it, it is essential to stay away from sleep-inducing drugs and alcohol consumption two days before doing the test. Abstain from using any tranquilizer while performing this test. Taking Vidalista 40 can give you relief from erectile dysfunction.

Final Words

The aforementioned self-tests will let you get an idea of your erection problem. Yet out the self-tests to know whether you have erectile dysfunction or not.