chronic back pain: what is it? how can it be managed?

Chronic Back Pain: What Is It? How Can It Be Managed?

Published on: 21/08/2023
Last updated on: 31/01/2024
Written By Molly Wilson

Are you experiencing a dull ache in your pelvis? Do you have tightness or spasms in your muscles? Do you get tingling or sharp pain in your back? If yes, the signs imply that you are suffering from back pain. Most people experience pain in the back that worsens in the morning.

It is possible to experience a few symptoms while having back pain. Some symptoms may occur all of a sudden. You may also feel that pain in the lower back will come and go. Back pain can flare up at any point in time. If not treated at the right time, back pain can get worse over time. If back pain happens persistently, talk to your medical provider.

When your back hurts, you cannot do your work properly. At times, you know the reasons for your back pain. If you lift a heavy object, you may experience pain in the back suddenly. Your bad posture can be another cause of back pain.

Other times, it becomes difficult to know the cause of your back pain. Some medications and effective tips may help resolve back pain. Pain O Soma 350 pill can also help people come out of back pain.

Learn More About Back Pain

It is your lumbar spine that is situated in the lower back which plays a vital role in supporting the body weight. It is essential to know that the lumbar spine supports the weight of your upper portion of the body.

The lumbar spine is responsible for daily movements. From twisting, bending to coordinating the muscles in your hips, the lumbar spine plays a crucial role. In addition, coordinating the pelvis, feet, and legs depends on the lumbar spine.

When you use heavy objects or lift heavy items, disks, ligaments, muscles, nerves, and bones become prone to injuries.

Wear and tear may likely occur in the bones, ligaments, nerves, and muscles when you lift heavy items. The most common reason for back pain can be due to lifting heavyweight items. In other cases, your poor body posture can also cause back pain.

People must maintain good posture while sitting and standing. When you take care of your posture, you may not go through back pain.

Why Back Pain Occurs?

Chronic back pain occurs due to injury in the ligaments or muscles. It may also occur due to problems in the lumbar disks, vertebrae, joints, and nerves. There are many causes of chronic lower back pain. Osteoarthritis, herniated disk, face joint damage, compression fracture, spinal stenosis, and spondylolisthesis.

Chronic pain should be treated at the earliest. Many people overlook pain in the back which leads to chronic pain in the back. Taking proper medications or following certain therapies can effectively treat chronic pain. The more you suffer from pain in the back, the more you will be bedridden. Seek medical attention immediately when you feel extreme pain in your back.

How Can You Manage Back Pain?

Physical Therapy:

Physical therapy can rule out back pain. Exercise is one of the best treatments which can help people relieve back pain. If you do not know which exercise you should do when you are in pain, talk to your healthcare provider.

You can also opt for a spine physical therapist who can guide you in doing the right exercises. Physical trainers will tailor the exercises as per your condition and symptoms. Maintain an exercise routine at home which can help provide relief from back pain.

Healthy Diet:

It is important to know that some foods are extremely inflammatory. Avoid processed foods, trans fats, and refined sugar. Consult with your doctor to know which foods can decrease chronic back pain.

Consume those foods which can decrease pain in your back. The more you consume healthy foods, the more you will stay away from back pain.

Healthy Weight:

In most cases, it is observed that overweight people are more susceptible to back pain. It is necessary to control weight to get relief from back pain issues. A healthy weight can lessen the pressure on your spine. As a result, you will not feel pain in the back anymore. Join a fitness center or do some exercises to get rid of back pain.


In chronic back pain, you are emotionally and physically strained. To manage psychological issues related to chronic back pain, you may get in touch with a rehabilitation psychologist. The specialist will advise you to do meditation, yoga, and other relaxation and cognitive strategies. By doing yoga and meditation, you can keep your mind off back pain.


There are various types of injection-based treatments available that can give quick relief from back pain. epidural steroid injections, nerve blocks, and other injection treatments can provide relief from back aches.

The injection-targeted treatments can rule out back pain with ease. Using injections can lessen the unbearable pain you go through in the back. This treatment is a short-term solution to get relief from back pain.

Lifestyle Tweaks:

When you deal with chronic back pain, it is necessary to listen to your body. When you mow the lawn, take breaks and then start mowing again. While shopping for groceries, take breaks which will help ease back pain.

Keep in mind the activities that worsen your back pain. Avoid those activities which give rise to back pain. Following certain lifestyle tweaks in your mind can prevent back pain. Keep smoking and nicotine away to keep back pain at bay.

Pharmacologic Treatments:

Anti-inflammatory drugs, analgesics, and muscle relaxant pills can help control your back pain. Pain O Soma 500mg is an effective muscle relaxant medicine that treats severe and chronic back pain. Keep in mind that prolonged use of these medications can lead to side effects. Therefore, have muscle relaxant drugs as per the instructions of your medical professional.

Alternative Treatments:

Massage, acupuncture, laser therapy, biofeedback, and electrical nerve stimulation can ease your back pain. There are non-surgical spine treatments available that can give permanent relief from chronic back pain. Consult your spine specialist who can help you with the best alternative treatment for your back pain.

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Final Words

Now, you know what are the root causes of back pain and how you should deal with it. Follow the above-mentioned tips to keep chronic back pain away.