7 Natural Ways to control high Blood Pressure Without Taking Medicine

7 Natural Ways to Control High Blood Pressure Without Taking Medicine

Published on: 22/02/2022
Last updated on: 31/01/2024
Written By Molly Wilson

Today high blood pressure is big health that cannot be ignore. Young teenagers to senior citizens, everyone is engulfed by this problem. High Blood Pressure is common nowadays and the reason it affects so many people is that it causes no minor health issues. People come to know about it when something extreme has occurred. So, it is time that we get alert can control blood pressure from reaching abnormally high numbers.

High blood pressure is an invitation to various mammoth health problems like hypertension, Erectile Dysfunction, anxiety, depression, or even heart attack. When asked what should people do to control high blood pressure, many people rely on using pills like Suhagra. This is definitely true that these drugs help in keeping a check on blood pressure, but drugs cannot be the best solution. For a few days, the drugs may help but if used regularly for weeks and months, they will have side effects. Hence, it is better to depend on the natural way of controlling high blood pressure.

Not that there aren’t such ways, there are plenty of them but we are going to discuss the top 7 most used and effective natural ways.

Burn Excess Fats

Anything in excess is not good, both in nature and in our bodies. This theory applies to excess fats or cholesterol as well. High levels of fat stick to the arteries which restrict blood flow through them. Thus, it leads to a shortage of blood in organs, and to compensate the heart pumps more blood with more speed. After a point of time due to more stress on the heart, the chances of heart attack increase. Burning fats increases the metabolism rate, boosts the circulation in the body and no organ is deprived of blood. The person feels relaxed and their mind is filled with positivity.

Avoid smoking

Smoking is one of the biggest self-destructions of humans. Everyone knows it is harmful but still, people do it. Quitting smoking can cause a remarkable change in your life as it will reduce blood pressure, ease stress and make your heart happy. Smokers are most vulnerable to heart attacks, depression, asthma, and lungs failure. If you want to quit but are deeply addicted to it, then join a rehabilitation center.

Be health conscious while choosing food

What you eat has a direct influence on the whole of the body and its processes. Avoid eating cholesterol-rich and artificial sugar-rich food items like fries, burgers, pizzas, cold drinks, etc. If not possible to quit it completely then consume it occasionally such as once a month. These food items increased levels of cholesterol that makes the person vulnerable to cardiac problems. Replace these kinds of eatables with nutritional ones like green vegetables, fruits, nuts, seafood, eggs, dairy products, etc.

Low sodium intake

Besides a balanced and nutritional diet, High Blood Pressure patients should avoid taking large quantities of sodium. Sodium is directly responsible for increasing Blood Pressure. But it is also needed in small quantities. So, try to strike a balance by discussing it with a doctor and selecting low sodium alternatives. You should avoid eating raw table salt, only eat the amount given in cooked food.

Take less stress

Damage to health due to stress does not cause any scars but it hurts internally. High levels of stress affect the sleep-wake cycle and increase blood pressure. It causes anxiety, depression, and even short-term memory loss. Avoid talking or meeting with people that raise stress. Do something which you like, play your favorite sport, meet your love interest, eat your favorite food or go watch your best movie, etc. Using antidepressants should be the last option to reduce stress.

Make your body move

High blood pressure patients should not follow the routine of eating, sleeping, and repeating. They must work their body hard. If not, intense training then goes for a morning walk daily. Go to work to school by walking or cycling, avoid using the car. Make changes in your daily life that facilitate movement of the body like avoiding using elevators, using stairs. Building a six-pack is not necessary but being fit is the goal.

Get a good sleep

After good food and a workout, high blood pressure can be controlled by using sleeping well. Yes, you heard it right a good and non-distracted sleep is a must. When you sleep well, blood pressure automatically drops down, stress is released and your mood becomes cheerful. You feel a lot more refreshed when you sleep well rather than on days when you don’t get enough time to sleep. Most of the depression and heart problems victims are victims of a shortage of sleep.


High blood pressure can be solved if these 7 steps are implemented in daily life and followed for at least a month or two. Instead of Fildena which will heal the problem temporarily these steps are permanent solutions for high blood pressure. You are just required to have disciple and patience.

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