How Lifestyle Factors Impact Fildena 100 Effects

How Lifestyle Factors Impact Fildena 100 Effects

Published on: 09/06/2023
Last updated on: 31/01/2024
Written By james Martin

Most men all over the world are plagued with erectile dysfunction. From younger to aged men, most men complain about not getting a proper erection. Owing to a lack of erection, most couples are filing for divorce. Many couples live in separation because of erection issues in men. Getting erectile dysfunction treated is imperative for all ED patients. It is possible to get impotence treated with the help of positive lifestyle changes and drugs. As you go to see a healthcare provider, your doctor prescribes you Fildena. It is one of the effective impotence medicines which help men get and keep a firm penis. With the help of Fildena 100, getting erections becomes quite easy for men.

Research studies show that men who are between 40 years of age and 70 years of age develop ED. For erectile dysfunction patients, this impotence medicine turns out to be a potent solution. ED patients find this ED drug more effective as compared to other impotence drugs.

Does Fildena Treat Physiological And Psychological Issues?

It is believed that impotence men go through impotence due to physiological and psychological issues. Extreme stress or anxiety can be the root cause of erectile dysfunction. If you have psychological or physiological problems, you will suffer from ED. Taking can be of great help to ED patients.

Simultaneously, men who have ED tend to suffer from some chronic health conditions. Some men have high diabetes, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure. If you have any of them, you will be more prone to impotence problems. Taking the effective impotence drug helps men treat physical and psychological issues.

Physiological issues may disrupt the healthy sexual health of men. At the same time, psychological issues may also give rise to sexual health ailments in men. The impotence pill has Sildenafil which treats the causes of ED effectively. Men who have trouble getting an erection should ingest the ED pills to get back to normal erections.

Importance Of Taking Fildena

Taking Fildena 100mg can help ED patients restore erectile function. This drug is a PDE5 inhibitor that improves the circulation of blood in the area of the penis. sildenafil citrate which is a chief constituent unwinds the penile blood muscles and blood vessels. As a result, adequate blood flows through all over the penis. When blood supplies properly in the genital organ, erection takes place in no time.

Men with impotence issues are prescribed to use this impotence medication. Swallow the whole tablet in one gulp with water. Without squashing the tablet, it is necessary to gulp down a whole pill. ED men must ensure to use this drug once a day and at a particular time. Men who use this medicine get positive reactions after ingesting this drug.

Keep in mind the dose you take. Never try to mess with the dose which is prescribed to you. Taking the prescribed dose as your doctor instructs can increase the efficacy of the pills. Make sure not to skip a dose or overdose on a pill that can affect your health. Taking the dose appropriately may help men get rid of impotence problems.

Side Effects Of The Drug

Just as with other drugs, ED patients may come across various side effects. Although the side effects do not bother ED patients. Some common side effects which impotence patients come across are dizziness, upset stomach, and rashes. Other side effects can be headache, flushing, or muscle pain. Some men who experience ED also complain about experiencing prolonged erection issues. Contact your medical provider if any of the side effects trouble you.

Fildena Dosage:

Lifestyle Factors That Impact Fildena 100

When you take Fildena 100 tablets, you should know that certain lifestyle factors may affect the drug. Which lifestyle factors can hinder the effect of Fildena 100?


It is necessary to bear in mind that when you are taking Fildena, you should not smoke. The toxic chemicals in cigarettes can hinder the effect of the impotence medication. Smoking is one of the causes of impotence. Hence, if you take ED medicine, it is necessary to ditch smoking habits. Excessive smoking may not give you the desired hardness even after taking the impotence pill.


When it comes to taking the impotence pill, you should be cautious about your drinking habits. Drinking alcohol with the impotence drug can create adverse effects on your sexual health. You may also feel extremely dizzy after consuming the ED pill with alcohol. Stop drinking alcoholic beverages while ingesting the erectile dysfunction pills. Getting rid of an erection can be difficult if you do not stop boozing alcohol with the impotence drug.


Keeping stress away is extremely essential while taking impotence medicine. Stress is another prime cause of erection issues. If you ingest the impotence pill when you are stressed, you will not get the desired results. Therefore, eliminate stress from your mind when you are having this ED drug.

High-Fat Meals:

Consuming high-fat meals is strictly prohibited when you have Fildena 100 Pills. Eating high-fat meals can be dangerous for your sexual health. High-fat foods lead to various physical health issues. Health experts suggest men ditch high-fat foods when they have the impotence pills. Consuming high-fat foods with the ED drug can give rise to health complications in men.

Grapefruits :

As you start taking this impotence medication, make sure not to ingest grapefruits. It is best to avoid grapefruit juice or grapefruits when you are having ED pills. Having the impotence drug with grapefruits may show hazardous effects on men’s health.

Manage Your Excess Weight:

To make the medicine work, it is necessary to keep your weight in check. If you are obese or have excess pounds in your body, you need to shed them. Shedding extra pounds from your body while taking the ED pills can make the drug work faster. The impotence pill will not act unless you manage your weight.

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Final Words

If you want to increase the effect of Fildena, it is imperative to make some lifestyle tweaks.