What Is The Reason For Generic Viagra's Effectiveness Only In Males

What Is The Reason For Generic Viagra’s Effectiveness Only In Males

If you do not get an erection at the time of sexual intercourse, then you should know that you are suffering from erection problems. Not only you, but many men also come up with erectile dysfunction at some point in age. Some men experience erection issues at a young age. Whereas, other men go through this sexual problem after they reach their 50s.

If you are a victim of Erectile Dysfunction, then you should not ignore the signs. As soon as you notice the signs of erectile dysfunction, you should give a ring to your healthcare provider to get the right diagnosis.

If you are gaining excess weight, if you have high cholesterol, if you have high blood pressure, if you are too stressed, or if you are suffering from high blood sugar, then you are likely to develop erection problems sooner or later.

Erection issues can create problems in your relationship which can estrange you from your spouse. It is best to get a proper diagnosis and treatment as soon as you get signals of erectile dysfunction.

Your healthcare provider will help you treat sexual health problems by prescribing you generic Viagra which has proved to be highly effective in treating erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems. Along with Viagra, your healthcare physician may also prescribe you taking Sildenafil tablets.

Viagra- Generic Sildenafil That Helps Men With Erections

Viagra is a brand name for sildenafil which is sold in the form of a generic drug in pharmacies. Sildenafil is a compound that has been successful in treating erectile dysfunction. Sildenafil is often considered a generic

Viagra has the same powerful ingredient that is used in Viagra. It is essential to know that Viagra also has small amounts of inactive ingredients which help give the pill its form. Generic Viagra helps metabolize your body quickly.

The prime reason for erectile dysfunction is a buildup of the phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) enzyme which restricts the flow of blood to the genital region and averts the firmness of an erection. Generic Viagra works as a PDE5 inhibitor which clogs the effect of PDE5, making the unrestricted blood flow which in turn makes a man achieve an erection in no time.

Generic Viagra is manufactured by Pfizer which discovered the benefits of generic Viagra in treating erectile dysfunction.

Initially, researchers were assessing the medicine to treat angina and high blood pressure in men. While researching, they found that the generic Viagra had been effective in treating erections. In the present times, many pharmaceutical companies manufacture generic Viagra. Treating erectile dysfunction with Cenforce 200 can give you relief from erection problems.

How Can You Increase The Effectiveness Of Viagra?

Stop Alcohol Consumption:

Having Viagra along with alcohol can make it difficult for you to achieve an erection. Overconsumption of alcohol can reduce the levels of testosterone which makes it difficult. Viagra to get the desired result. Hence, it is advised not to consume alcohol when you are taking Viagra such as Cenforce 100. 

Ingest Viagra After Having Light Meals:

If you eat too much food and then you have a Viagra tablet, then the medicine will not work on your body. Taking Viagra on a full stomach or after having a high-fat meal can delay the function of the medicine. You should not ingest medicine after having a full meal which may take Viagra a long time to work on your body. You should also bear in mind that having Viagra on an empty stomach may also cause adverse effects. Therefore, you should have light meals when you have Viagra.

Have A Healthy Weight:

When you have a healthy weight, then you can prevent erectile dysfunction problems. Obesity is becoming a major problem in the present times. Excess weight leads to various chronic health disorders. Therefore, maintaining a healthy weight is extremely essential for men which will help Viagra work effectively.

Opt For Cardiovascular Exercise:

Nowadays, most men are leading a sedentary Lifestyle which is a major contributor to erectile dysfunction. When you do not move your body, then you increase the risk of high blood pressure, Heart Disease, and various other medical conditions that further impact the blood flow. It is advised for men to opt for moderate exercise. When you are moderately active, then you can keep erectile dysfunction off your life.

Stop Taking Unnecessary Medicines:

If you have a habit of taking medicines for minor health ailments, then you invite the problem of erectile dysfunction. Taking medicines for prolonged periods can lead to serious side effects which can hamper your sexual health. Hence, try to stop taking unwanted medicines when you are having Viagra tablets such as Vidalista 20 and Vidalista 60 which will help Viagra function properly.

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Effective For Curing Ed Due To The Availability Of So Many Doses

One of the other things that you must know about generic Viagra or Sildenafil is that it is available in so many different doses.

For curing milder ED severity levels you have the 25mg or the 50mg dose for Sildenafil. And then there is always this 100mg dose of ED which is taken as the standard dose by all doctors.

Only for curing higher and more severe cases of ED and where the patient has not been able to get suitably hard erections with lower doses of generic Tadalafil will doctors recommend further higher doses such as the 120mg dose, 150mg dose, and the 200mg dose.

Such doses are easily available not just for Viagra which happens to be the only FDA-approved brand for Sildenafil but also for other generic brands as well.

Final Words

To make Viagra work more effectively, it is necessary to keep the aforementioned points in mind. By following the points, you can increase the effectiveness of Viagra.

Viagra is an efficient drug in curing ED. it can help men relieve from even the more severe form of ED. But the crucial thing for the patients is that they must contact the doctor before starting with a regular dose of the medicine.