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Sildamax 100 Mg


Hiforce 50 ODS


Hiforce 100 ODS


Dapoforce 30 Mg


Overview of Dapoforce 30mg Dapoforce 30mg is a medicinal dose that will help you to relieve the symptoms of suffering from PE anymore. PE or premature ejaculation is a disorder in itself where patients do not have any capabilities of holding their ejaculation much longer. As a result, they will most probably ejaculate early bringing …

Dapoforce 90 Mg


Overview of Dapoforce 90mg Dapoforce 90mg is a generic brand of SSRI inhibiting agent Dapoxetine that will work to prevent you from having an abrupt end to your sexual pleasures. Medically the disorder that it can cure is termed generic Dapoxetine. Generic Dapoxetine is the substance that will help you to sustain a level of …

Dapoforce 60 Mg


Overview of Dapoforce 60mg Dapoforce 60mg is medicine to bring relief to the problem of premature ejaculation. It is a problem occurring in the penis that makes a man incapable of being held on to their ejaculation for a very long period. Dapoforce 60mg is a medicine ideally being able to curate this condition. When …

Varditra 60 Mg


Varditra 20 Mg